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Disaster Strikes Lake County, FL, on February 2, 2007.

PEPRO SMRS-850 Lake County, FL Cell-on-Wheels (COWS), Site-on-Wheels (SOWS), Tower-on-Wheels (TOWS), Mobile Tower Unit (MTU)

Pepro Commander SMRS-850 (Center) Lake County, FL

A tornado devastated Lake County, FL, on February 2, 2007, striking the main 1500’ radio tower and destroying mission critical area communications equipment for the Sheriff’s office, fire and rescue, emergency medical services (EMS) and regional mutual aid. This tower contained nine VHF, one UHF and two – 800 mHz frequencies essential for the area’s providers.

On February 21, 2007, Pepro and Motorola delivered a Pepro Commander ™ 850 to restore critical communications for the various agencies serving Lake County.

The Commander easily set up operations connecting existing equipment to the SMRS-850 and its 85’ tower.

The no-guy-wire design feature enabled the articulated tower to be raised and lowered five times within a 30-minute period to achieve proper antenna location and separation.

The Commander 850’s ability to vertically separate multiple antennas enabled Pepro and Motorola to restore mission critical communications to four different users, on three different frequencies by 9:00 pm that evening.

This Pepro Commander 850 will remain in place for approximately nine months, which will include the upcoming hurricane season.

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Lake County, FL after tornado, Cell-on-Wheels (COWS), Site-on-Wheels (SOWS), Tower-on-Wheels (TOWS), Mobile Tower Unit (MTU)

Lake County, FL; 1500’ radio tower destroyed by Feb. 2, 2007 tornado.