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Oct 22, 2014 | Posted in News

Pepro’s Reliable Service and Proven Equipment Bring Customers Peace of Mind

Pepro LLC (, the leading manufacturer of shielded enclosure systems for stationary and mobile applications, has just completed the installation of 12 radio sites. Four additional sites will be completed this month, totaling 16 locations in national forests and parks in eight states including California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Installation of Pepro radio site equipment takes less than a day to complete, often less than four hours. As part of its service, Pepro will also remove an existing structure that has fallen below safety and service standards. Pepro began offering its installation service in 2011 in response to customer demand for completely hands-off site ordering that eliminated any risks, delays or liability resulting from handling installation with their own staff.

“Our customers know that the Pepro service team will get everything right the first time, and leave the site in perfect condition for long-term service,” said Kelly Lander, president of Pepro LLC. “We knew when we introduced installation service that our people needed to be as reliable as our shelters, and this team has made us proud.”

“Each year we see an increase in requests for our comprehensive installation service, because while nearly anyone can install our equipment, the logistics that go with remote sites can be a challenge,” said Colt Burk, field engineer Pepro LLC. “By taking responsibility for a fast and hassle-free installation, we can take one more worry out of our customers’ minds.”

Thanks to the design of the Pepro shelter, there is no environmental impact to the radio site locations. There is no need for a poured concrete foundation that will far outlast a traditional shelter. In addition, the equipment protection in Pepro’s Faraday Cage design offers the best protection available from lightning strikes, EMI and RFI – an important consideration given the location and exposure of these sites.

Pepro has provided shielded enclosures based on its patented Faraday cage technology for more than 20 years without a single loss of protected equipment. Every Pepro shelter meets rigorous standards, sustaining a one million volt, 82,000 amp direct strike with less than ten micro joules entering enclosure.

About Pepro

Pepro, LLC ( is the leading manufacturer of shielded enclosure systems for stationary and mobile applications. The company has provided state-of-the-art deployable radio sites without loss or failure since the company’s founding in 1992, a record of reliability attributable, in part, to a patented Faraday cage system to protect from lightning strikes, electromagnetic pulses (EMP), electromagnetic interferences (EMI), and radio frequency interferences (RFI). Pepro provides services to public utilities & public safety offices, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Homeland Security, states & local governments, Motorola and other organizations requiring a secure enclosure for sensitive electronic, computer, and radio equipment. Pepro, LLC is a veteran-owned small business located in Oil City, Pennsylvania.