Pepro LLC


Mar 18, 2015 | Posted in News

Pepro LLC, the leading manufacturer of shielded enclosure systems for electronics, will unveil the latest addition to its line of mobile tower sites at IWCE today. The HCLP-600 is a low-profile mobile site, standing six feet, five inches when lowered for easy mobility, but quickly transitions to a full, self supporting 60 feet. Its telescoping tower can be raised entirely from the ground with no training and little physical effort.

As with all Pepro sites, the HCLP-600 was designed for durability and reliability. No Pepro enclosure has had a failure or suffered electrical damage dating back to the company’s first deployment in 1992. Each section of the tower is positioned on rollers and raised by hydraulics, allowing all work, including the attachment and positioning of antennas to be done from the ground.

“This tower addresses common specifications for mobileLTE sites deployed as part of FirstNet, while providing all of the public safety-grade protection organizations expect from Pepro,” said Kelly Lander, president of Pepro LLC. “It provides reliable LTE coverage in any situation, in any location.”

The HCLP-600 provides 48 rack units integrated with the 60 foot tower, with a payload of 1850 lbs. The tower can withstand 70 MPH winds and complies with TIA/EIA-222-G standards for wind and ice loads. The equipment stored inside the integrated cabinet is protected by Pepro’s patented Faraday cage technology for shielding against lightning, electromagnetic pulse, passive intermodulation and other threats to strong communications.

Pepro has provided shielded enclosures based on its patented Faraday cage technology for more than 20 years without a single loss of protected equipment. Every Pepro shelter meets rigorous standards, sustaining a one million volt, 82,000 amp direct strike with less than ten micro joules entering enclosure.