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Pepro invited to Motorola “Opportunity Rocks” Americas Sales Conference

Jan 14, 2008 | Posted in News

Motorola extended invitations to a short list of partner companies to join them January 13 – 15 in Orlando, FL. to provide information and resources to over 600 of their dedicated sales persons. Other than Pepro there were many other industry leading companies on hand such as Andrew Corporation, Visual Defence, Nice Systems and nearly 20 others.

Pepro Secure Mobile Radio Site, Cell-on-Wheels (COWS), Site-on-Wheels (SOWS), Mobile Tower Unit (MTU), Tower-on-Wheels (TOWS), Mobile Communication Shelter, Remote Communication Shelter

Pepro Commander Secure Mobile Radio Site

Pepro focused on the unique benefits that Motorola customers receive when they purchase a Pepro Secure Mobile Radio Site and populate it with Motorola communications gear. The combination of a Pepro Secure Mobile Radio Site and Motorola gear provides for a level of confidence unsurpassed by others that an organizations communications will be uninterrupted.

Pepro believes that the best way to ensure uninterrupted communications is to be on the offense. That is why all of the radio communications shelters have the best possible protection built in to them. The shelters are hardened against radio frequency interference (RFI), electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic pulse (EMP), Passive Intermodulation (PIM), and lightning strikes.