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Lake County, Fl. – accepts Pepro Commander SMRS-850 after upgrades

Feb 25, 2008 | Posted in News

February 14, 2008 Lake Co. accepted their Pepro Commander SMRS-850 cell-on-wheels (COWS) emergency communications site after it received several upgrades.

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Pepro Commander SMRS-850 center, after tornado strike.

On February 2, 2007 Lake County, FL was struck by a tornado that destroyed their 1500’ radio tower resulting in the loss of mission critical communication capabilities. The SMRS-850 took about 30 minutes to set-up. This includes raising and lowering the unguyed tower five times to make adjustments to the vertical separation of the antennas.

After the SMRS-850 was removed from service approximately nine months after deployment the county decided to send it back to the factory for upgrades.

The upgrades included rewiring the unit for:
* DC Power Box
* Installation of two 90 amp continuos duty rectifiers
* Hydraulic Leveling Jacks
* Installation of Integrated Emergency Flasher Lights
* Front & Rear Area Lights
*Pan and Tilt Directional Antenna Mount

The upgrades that were performed are now standard features with the exception of the pan and tilt directional antenna mount. The Pepro Commander SMRS cell-on-wheels (COWS) is capable of handling 3 pan and tilt directional antenna mounts.