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The Redesigned Commander SMRS-650

Apr 22, 2008 | Posted in News

Pepro unveils the redesigned Commander 650 Secure Mobile Radio Site (SMRS). The newly designed SMRS-650 fills the gap between the SMRS-500 and 950. The new SMRS-650 has a 21’ deck and a 65’ unguyed articulating tower.

While being slightly downsized from the SMRS-950 the SMRS-650 maintains the key patented features of all Pepro SMRS’s. The Compact Low Profile Shelter designed with patented Faraday Cage Technology that protects against lightning, RFI, EMI, EMP, and outside PIM and is available in either 2 or 3 bay configurations which provides for 72 to 108 rack units of space. The electrically isolating Cable Entry Gland. The 65’ unguyed articulating steel/aluminum tower is hydraulically raised in less than five minutes. Besides setting up quickly our articulating tower design allows for vertical separation of multiple antennas.

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Redesigned Commander SMRS-650 3 Bay

Protecting your equipment from the many electronic threats that are present is critical, but it is also important to safeguard it against overheating and cold. The SMRS-650 accomplishes this by a redundant closed loop HVAC system that is designed for electronic and radio equipment.

The new SMRS-650 is designed with the same ease of operation and rapid deployment mindset of all of Pepro’s products. All of Pepro’s cell on wheels communication sites can be set up by one person within 30 minutes of arrival on site.

The new SMRS-650’s slightly smaller size makes it more maneuverable while still being staged on a sturdy all steel trailer. It retains the convenience of the hydraulic tongue and leveling jacks of the larger Commander SMRS-950.

Pepro Secure Mobile Radio Site, Cell on wheels, site on wheels, mobile tower unit, tower on wheels, communication site

Examples of the three sizes of Secure Mobile Radio Sites manufactured by Pepro.