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Fairfax County 2008 Command, Control and Communications Vehicle Rally

May 16, 2008 | Posted in News

Pepro and Motorola representatives will be on hand to answer questions and explain the benefits of the secure mobile radio sites manufactured by Pepro. The small yet capable Pepro Scoutwill be available for inspection.

The backbonel of our mobile sites is the patented Compact Low Profile (CLP) equipment shelter which is an all aluminum welded structure that is shock mounted to the trailer. This as well as other design elements makes it possible for Pepro to provide protection from lightning, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). The CLP also offers protection against the effects of Passive Intermodulation (PMI) from outside sources.

All of our mobile units are equipped with a permanently mounted generator (12, 20 or 40kW), filtered power, R56 grounding, 19” wide equipment racks, interior lighting, and closed loop climate control (HVAC). Pepro towers are of an unguyed articulating design that meets TIA/EIA-222-G standards. This design allows for vertical antenna separation as well as permanent attachment of antennas and antenna cables. Our towers make it possible for two people to deploy and restore your communication capabilities in 30 minutes or less.

The Fairfax County 2008 Command, Control and Communication Vehicle Rally will be held Friday May 30, 2008 from 7am to 2pm; registration deadline is May 23rd.

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Pepro Secure Mobile Radio Sites