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Pepro Receives a Patent for its Articulated Communication Tower

Jun 17, 2008 | Posted in News

On June 10, 2008 the United States Patent office issued a patent to Pioneer Energy Products LLC. (PEPRO) for its articulating communication tower design. The new patent covers towers that are affixed to stationary and mobile radio sites as well as stand alone towers.

Pepro’s unguyed articulating hinged towers are optimally designed to be setup with as little effort and time as can be found on the market. Once the units are leveled with the integrated leveling jacks the tower is effortlessly unfolded due to the lubricated and machined hinges. Each hinge is secured with four bolts, and then the tower is able to be raised electrically or hydraulically in just a few minutes. Complete setup for a mobile unit can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes while a fly-in unit can be setup in a day. All Pepro towers meet or exceed the specifications for TIA/EIA-222-G latest version of wind load requirements for permanent antenna sites.

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Articulatiing tower on a SMRS 650 - vertically seperated and permanently attached antenna standoffs and cables

Some of the benefits of the articulated tower design:

  • Installation of antennas from a step ladder
  • No need for certified climbers
  • Permanent attachment of antenna standoffs, antenna, and cables
  • Vertical antenna separation

The simplicity of the design will keep your Pepro tower operational for longer than any other type of tower with virtually no maintenance required. There are no intricate mechanical systems that are associated with telescoping towers such as guy wires and storage spools for antenna cables.

During an emergency situation restoration of mission critical communications is of the utmost importance. The articulated tower design allows for setup of a mobile unit to be completed in less than 30 minutes.
Pepro secure mobile radio sites are available with 45’, 60’, and 90’ articulating towers on several different trailer configurations. The antenna towers that are available with stationary sites range from 10’ to 40’ in height. Stationary sites can be deployed in a wide range of situations from remote mountain tops via helicopter to urban rooftops via crane.

If you have any questions about our towers or how they are deployed please call (814) 676-5688 or email us.