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Pepro receives the first MCT5 Industrial Controller from Matric Limited

Mar 17, 2009 | Posted in News

Pepro Receiving the New MCT5

Left to Right - Vic Garmong - Pepro President, Bob LaRocca - Pepro Electrical Engineer, Mike Wilson - Matric Electrical Engineer, Jeff Kahle - Pepro Sales Manager, Cody Schultz - Matric Electrical Engineer.

March 12, 2009 – Matric Limited presented the first MCT5 Industrial Controller to Pepro President Vic Garmong and employees. The two companies worked closely to develop a controller that can be operated via multiple sources of hard-wired and wireless inputs.

Pepro’s primary use for the new controller will be for the Pan & Tilt Directional Mount. In recent months Pepro has developed a Heavy Duty version of the Pan & Tilt Directional Mount that will be suitable for dishes from 3' to 7' in diameter. This new mount is intended for permanent tower sites and is currently debuting at the IWCE show in Las Vegas.

MCT5 Industrial Controller

The base model MCT5 can be controlled by a handheld remote, Ethernet, RS-232, DeviceNet®, and Controller Area Network (CAN). The controller can be powered by either 12 VDC or 24 VDC. In the future it will be possible to add WiFi, dial-up, and cellular modem capabilities to the MCT5.

The combination of the Pan & Tilt Directional Mount and the MCT5 will make adjusting directional antennas significantly safer, easier and less time consuming. These capabilities will allow the directional mount to be adjusted from the base of the tower or a remote location.

Two other features that are built into the MCT5 allow the user to gather data and to receive real time information on monitored systems. An included USB port allows for the collect of data to be analyzed at a later date. While a set of analog wireless inputs and outputs allows for monitoring of items such as fuel tank levels, equipment or environment temperatures, and the amount of charge in batteries to name a few.

Prototype Pan & Tilt Control Box

Prototype Pan & Tilt Control box

The MCT5 has been incorporated into a prototype control box that is on currently on display at the IWCE show. The prototype control box uses a battery to power the MCT5 and a solar panel to keep the battery charged. Stop by the Pepro booth to see it and get more information. If you are unable to attend the show feel free to call, (814) 676-5688 or email us with your questions.