Pepro LLC

Shielded Outdoor Cabinets

Shielded Outdoor Cabinets help organizations reinforce coverage in hard-to-serve areas and provide secure housing for equipment at multi-provider radio site.

If a full sized shelter is not required for your enclosure needs, Consider Pepro’s outdoor shielded cabinets, which offer another option for equipment enclosure requirements. Advantages include smaller footprint, isolating your equipment at multi user sites, complete HVAC options, and modular design add up to a complete site solution.

All Pepro outdoor shielded cabinets use the Faraday Cage design and offer the same equipment protection levels as our deployables and fixed site shelters. Depending on your equipment needs cabinets of various heights and RU’s are available. We offer both our outdoor CLP and outdoor Networking cabinets to fit your budgetary and equipment requirements.