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Pepro Pan & Tilt 300 Mount

The Pepro Pan & Tilt 300 is specifically designed for the wireless communication industry. The all-aluminum design makes this a rugged, lightweight (15 lbs.) mount suitable for fixed and mobile tower applications.

Pepro Pan & Tilt 300

Pepro Pan & Tilt 300

Faster, Safer Adjustments

Adjustments are quickly made from the ground with either a manual or wireless handheld controller eliminating the need for certified climbers, unsafe ladders and bulky safety harnesses. Our mount also eliminates the need to lower mobile towers to make adjustments.

Tuning directional antennas has never been easier

Pepro’s Pan & Tilt 300 Directional Antenna Mount is designed to provide fine adjustments without drift, eliminating the need for offset manual shaft adjustments at the antenna. Up to four mounts can be controlled from the ground with a single wireless controller.


The mounting surface of the Pepro Pan & Tilt 300 Directional Antenna Mount is pre-drilled to accommodate various antenna mounting configurations. This mount is capable of supporting dish antennas up to three feet in diameter with seven square feet of sail area and can withstand 120 mph wind speeds.

Pepro Pan & Tilt Fully Extended 60° Pan - 10° Tilt

  • 60° of pan range and 10° of tilt range
  • Positive positioning via electric motor
  • Lightweight (15 lbs.) all-aluminum design
  • Four-bolt mounting system
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Available for both AC and DC operation
  • Water and Dust resistant (IP67) electrical connections
  • Rugged, watertight handheld controller serving up to four antenna mounts
  • Optional wireless handheld controller

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Pepro Pan & Tilt Manual Controller

Pepro Pan & Tilt 300 Kit with manual controller

Pepro Pan & Tilt 300 Kit with wireless controller

The Pepro Pan & Tilt 300 is always available as an add on option when purchasing one of our mobile units or can be bought as a kit (pictured above) for other installations. The kits can be easily installed at permanent tower sites. The Pan & Tilt 300 kit includes a water tight control enclosure, mount, power cable (customer specified length), and rugged manual controller. We also offer JVJ mounting brackets JVJ mounting brackets for tubular applications, a wireless controller (pictured above), and antenna standoffs.