Pepro LLC

Integrated Fixed Sites and Towers

Pepro manufactures patented shielded enclosure systems ideal for use at any location. Each shelter employs the Faraday Cage principle to shield sensitive communications and electronic equipment from the effects of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).

As Integrated Fixed Radio site (Micro & Fly-In), it is a complete site solution: shelter, optional attached tower, anchoring and grounding systems.

As a Walk-In site, it can be installed utilizing our proprietary anchoring system or an existing foundation.

Pepro will customize and integrate a total site to meet your equipment needs with the lowest completed cost in the industry.

We offer different size enclosures depending on your equipment requirements.

Pepro’s integrated fixed radio sites require no foundation and no excavation, this eliminates the need for geo-technical, environmental impact and/or archeological studies after initial site selection approval.

Pepro radio sites can be installed and removed in less than a day and never leave a footprint.

  • Little to no ground disturbance
  • No excavation
  • No permanent foundation